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WUSME, WORLD UNION OF SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES, was born on April 23rd 2010 in the Republic of San Marino as an independent non-profit organization welcoming international members, with the agreement of 53 countries and participation of Senior officials representing Institutions,
Organizations SMEs supportive and private enterprises, WUSME, the WORLD UNION OF SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES, was born, as International Association in support of SMEs, located in San Marino.

WUSME is an independent, non – profit organization, open to international members, intended to support worldwide micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and crafts, considered the foundation of economy in most countries of the world. The founders and early supporters of WUSME consist of a group of people, with long-lasting experience in business, association activity or institutional context, who have considered necessary to provide adequate responses to the specific needs, issues and challenges experienced by SMEs internationally in 21st century.

The decision to establish the Association in the Republic of San Marino is strongly linked to the economic structure of this country, where small and medium-sized enterprises and crafts have benefit great development.

Furthermore, its President, Sammarinse of origin, has always been involved in crafts and SMEs, both at an institutional and entrepreneurial level.