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Senator of WUSME

Renowned Master Ceramicist of San Marino, Leo Gatti (1934) at the age of only twenty, after a short period spent in the San Marino factories “Masi Ceramiche” and “Marmaca”, in 1955 he founded his own ceramic factory called “S.A.C.A.S.” In 1960 his brother Gabriele joined the company and the name of the factory was changed to “A.C.A.S.” The factory, one of the oldest in the small republic, shuts down the ovens in 1990. In the same year Leo Gatti opens the “Studio Artistico Gatti R. S. Marino” where he essentially deals with research and experimentation. Recognized Artisan Artist and Master in the art of ceramics, as a historically very important traditional craft in the history of the Republic of San Marino. He has been affiliated for a long time to UNAS, the National Union of San Marino Artisans, where he held several first-level office positions. He also served as WUSME Member of the Board for 12 years, contributing to always keep the focus on the high value of Craftmenship.