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WUSME Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York

Born in Italy and fascinated since the beginning of her career by the challenges posed by international transactions, after obtaining her Degree in Italy, Annie Borello has studied in France, Germany and the United States specializing in international and transactional law.  She has a solution-oriented, and value-added-conscious approach: in fact she applies both her intuition and her expertise to the analysis of the big picture focusing on the impasses and devising possible solutions to overcome them.

Never losing sight of the client’s objective, she keeps into consideration also a global view of the client’s situation and invariably focuses not only on the immediate objective, but on the mid/long-term outcome of the implementation of the proposed strategy, the consequences of each solution considered, and the value she can contribute with her expertise to the client’s business.

Counting on the support of her partners and collaborators, Annie offers strategic legal assistance on a “360 degree basis”, covering a wide range of subjects such as mergers and acquisitions and other corporate and commercial matters, investments – in real estate and business ventures alike – registration and protection of Intellectual Property rights, tax law and white collar crimes, obtaining the most appropriate visa for each entrepreneur or manager and their respective families and employees, and more.

Annie’s expertise is centered mainly on assisting each client – corporate and family alike – in every step of their endeavors, designing the best structure to establish and strategically develop their activities, investments and holdings in the United States. She advises clients on whether a new legal entity is advisable or convenient, and if so which is the choice best suitable in view of the situation and targets of each specific clients for which she often takes care of creation of the most appropriate legal entity and instrument, and assisting the clients in each step conducting negotiations for it or at its side (joint venture with local partners, or agents, distributors, etc.). Her goal is to set up personalized solutions for the optimization of the potential of each situation. Her work often includes the set-up and management of complex holding structures which ramifications include entities located in and off-shore, and decisions are taken according to precise agreements between subjects located in different jurisdictions and which citizenship is often linked to peculiar regimes that need to be taken into consideration carefully considering the consequences of each choice at a multinational level.

Annie Borello Fiorilla is admitted to the practice of law in New York as well as in Italy and works in Italian, Spanish, French and on basic Portuguese documents.