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Graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration (BBA) from Curtin University (Australia) that I got back in 2004. I also hold a Postgraduate Diploma in Procurement & Logistics  management in EU from Alison Institute (Ireland).

I come from a Business and Finance Coach Strategist background that is backed up by both my formal education (University education and hands-on trainings in Management, with much career focus in Finance, Accounting, Auditing & Fraud Detection, Investigation & Anti-Corruption) and a professional track-record of more than 10 years’ hands-on experience in Financial Management, Accounting, Taxation, Auditing, Project Designing, Implementation & Evaluation, Private Sector Development, Entrepreneurship & SMEs Development within both non-profit and for-profit environments. I have worked with heavily funded donor funds from bilateral and multilateral Organizations like World Bank Group, UN network and UKAid (DFID) whereby I was given a chance to lead and manage programs and projects of more than $150 million budget.

In addition to more than 10 years professional and hands on experience in Youth & Women in Business Consulting, Coaching & Financial Advisory (including Investments & Funds portfolio management), Procurement & Logistics Management (Supply Chain Management) coupled with my HR Management & O􀀼ice Administration track-record, I currently hold a Senior position where I work as Director of Business Development & Fundraising and the Chief Business Development Strategist at Impact BIG and prior to that I held the duo position of Chief Finance Advisor at EDUCAT Denmark (Rwanda O􀀼ice) and CFO at Orange Kat Ltd, under a Framework Consultancy Contract, under which I strategically have advised those institutions on Finance, Procurement & Logistics portfolio, including HR Management and O􀀼ice Administration . Beside this assignment, I am also one of the energetic Professionals providing Technical Assistance to both Profit-making and Non-Profit making sectors in both East and Central African regions to add value to their portfolios, and my areas of Expertise mainly include Consulting, Advisory and Operations Management in Accounting, Finance, Auditing, Taxation, Procurement, Contracts Management, Logistics, HRM and O􀀼ice Administration issues. Currently also serving as a Freelance Consultant within the World Bank Group network of rofessionals through International Finance Corporation (IFC) and within this framework, I am one of the few World Bank Group Certified Consultants & Trainers . I have more than 10 years’ professional and technical experience in different Non-Profit, Profit Making and International Development areas at both Executive and Managerial levels.