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Dr. Gusti Ngurah ARYA WEDAKARN

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A Senator from Bali, Former Rector of Mahendradatta University, the oldest private university in Bali and East Indonesia, in Denpasar (Established on 17th January 1963), and become a youngest rector in Indonesia in age 28. Since 2008 became a Founder & the President of the Sukarno Center and set-up a President Sukarno Museum and Center, near by The President of Republic of Indonesia Palace in Tampaksiring, Gianyar, Bali.

Born on August 23, 1980 in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, was Graduated from Air Transport Management in Trisakti University in Jakarta, Indonesia (2002), Master Of Science in Government Management Science, Postgraduate Program, Satyagama University, Jakarta (2004) and Doctor Of Science in Government Management, Satyagama University, Jakarta (2007). Received a title as the youngest Doctor / PhD in Indonesia on 2008 and recorded in World Record Museum in Indonesia (Museum Rekor Indonesia/MURI). Also hold another 2 record in MURI.

The president of several organizations such as: President Of World Hindu Youth Organization (2004 – present), President Of Bali International Film Festival ( 2003 – present ), Founder & President Of Advisory Board of Tourism Envoy Association in Indonesia ( 2005 – present ), President Of The Majapahit Center ( 2008 – present ), President Of Advisory Board Of The Great Royal Bali Foundation ( 2009 – present ) and a founder, advisor and president in another 33 international and national organizations at the same time.