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Hans-Jürgen BELL

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Hans Jürgen Bell has been involved in one of the largest German insurance groups for many years.
Completed a business degree, which also included a law degree.
Until 1991 he worked as an employee in the office and field service of one of them insurer. The following year, 1992, as experienced insurance expert, he established himself as Self-employed business consultant. As a result, between 2000 and 2006 he supported over 6,000 unemployed people into their careers Independence. Success was only lasting for forty percent of those who started new businesses.
Reflecting on this experience, he felt the desire to accompany start-ups beyond the first hurdle-filled phase and to support them in their endeavors, to allow companies to continue to grow harmoniously.
Triggered by this vision, Hans J. Bell began to develop a medium-sized structure through the release of bound Capital enabled bank-independent funding.
Two years passed before his idea in “Curare eG” came true.
Helping people to help themselves and creating a banking and financial structure that helps every individual serves the community and supports them even in times of need. The community is also part of its basic Principles. Developing potential together, cooperating with each other and with the objective of “active medium-sized business promotion”.