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  • 1937

WUSME Member of the Board of Directors

Michel FOSSAERT is President of TPE Federation Hauts de Seine. It is within the national framework of the movement in charge of the platform of support for the financing of small enterprises TRIPS TPE. He is the national delegate to the TPE correspondents of the Banque de France
He is a member of the Board of Directors of WUSME (WORLD UNION SMALL MEDIUM ENTERPRISES)

He chairs the association ADE INTERNATIONAL, which promotes the international development of small independent companies.

He is Vice President of the Morvan Study and Development Committee, which has been in existence for sixty years and which is working in 2017 on the installation of a Digital Market Place for the territory of the Morvan

He is also Vice President of the European Center for Vocal Game, chaired by Guy REIBEL Shareholder in a dozen companies in various sectors.