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WUSME Member of Board of Directors and Chairwoman of the Pemanent Commission on Social Issues & Women Entrepreneurship

Ms. Crawford’s passion is to engage leaders in collaborative, change-focused conversations that help both men and women to co-create a successful future. Uniquely she applies logical, practical ‘doing’, blended with emotion, to enable people to change without having to become someone they don’t want to be.

Pauline Crawford is a Performance Consultant, specialising in behavioural excellence and facilitating corporate transformation with individuals and whole cultures at work. She works with corporate leaders, boards, key teams and diverse groups, through a range of channels designed to make a measurable and lasting difference to results. Using well researched tools and frameworks combined with a unique values-based conversation technique, her clients learn how to transform their own personal confidence and presence into tangible business success.

A sociologist, business psychologist, corporate image consultant and social entrepreneur; she is acclaimed internationally as an expert in behaviour, has designed a as unique gender dynamics framework and leads business culture transformation. She was one of the first to deliver lectures and to coach on corporate image and reputation and is a highly effective connector, experienced in recognising valuable opportunities to bring people together for mutual business or personal relationship benefit.