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Soilha Said MDAHOMA

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2013 UTDR General Manager, Universelles Technologies Development & Research
(Medical center and medical analysis laboratory)

2003 Managing Director, Universal Technology of Development U.T.D.
– CEO of the Society for New Information and Communication Technologies
(training, internet cafe, maintenance, educational games …)

1997 Compagnie l’Archipel (Associate Manager of Société de Transport Maritime Inter-Iles)
1992 CEO of Soilha Group SARL of FAS Distribution
1991 LADHA Pastry shop, ice cream
1990 Distribution FAS Home and office equipment
1986 Energy ready-to-wear (adolescents and young people)
1986 La Finesse Pastry, ice cream and cold meats
1986 Stop Affaires Sale of dishes, housewares and bazaars
1985 SOCOBAT 2000 first construction company created by a woman in the Comoros
with BDC and BIC funding (creation of a chain of convenience stores).
1985 Ami Boutique Ready-to-wear (adults and women)