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Tian Qin LI

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WUSME Ambassador in Zhejiang (Province of China)

Mr. Li Tian Qin was born in China in 1963, as a young man has followed the work of his father a carpenter and built houses in the village of the country.

In the early 90, Li Tian Qin decided along with other villagers to move to Europe, first in Hungary and then in Italy.

He has always been engaged in small and medium-sized enterprises, in the early years in Italy he lived in Florence, working as a carpenter in a small leather goods factory.

Subsequently he moved to Milan, where he took the first step by small business in the clothing sector, then in Rimini where he opened the first laboratory to garment maker.

In the year 2005 he begins the trade activity between China and Italy. Later he opens a company in the field of cafeteria, importing ice cream, coffee and Italian wines.