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Tian Qin LI

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Born in China in 1963 into a family of carpenters, as a young man he followed his carpenter father to build houses in the village of the town. Around the 90s, he chose a different path from carpentry, also due to the poverty of the village of those years.
Together with his fellow villagers he moved to Europe, first to Hungary and then to Italy.

He has always been in the medium and small business sector.
The first years in Italy he lived in Florence, in a small leather goods factory belonging to his fellow villager.
He worked as a craftsman, later he moved to Milan to make clothes in the factories of his fellow villagers.
Precisely from that time onwards, he began his journey as a small clothing manufacturing entrepreneur, he opened the first clothing manufacturing workshop in Rimini. Until 2005 he defined himself as a small artisan entrepreneur.

In 2005, he took the path of trading between China and Italy, again for clothing. That activity continued until 2008, when, together with Italian partners, he started a cooperation for a cafeteria company and ice cream shop in China with the name of “China Wenzhou Delight Food company” located in the native municipality, Wenzhou.In China, he also sells Italian coffee, ice cream and wines.