European strategy for plastics

January 19th, 2018 – EU now (in January 2018) confirmed what WUSME in September 2014 in its workshop “Waste to Energy” already recommended.
But new legislation is not enough to solve the problems. Tax incentives for SMEs and better access to financing of modern recycling technologies will be the keys to success.
WUSME stated 2014: “Polluted plastic waste, old car tires and other organic waste still constitute crucial sources of environmental threats, particularly to the Adriatic Sea in touristic areas. This Work Shop will present innovative technologies that are designed to economically convert plastic waste and other organic waste into electric energy.”
Now the EU is taking actions: “Plastics are an important material in our economy, and modern daily life is unthinkable without them. At the same time however, they can have serious downsides on the environment and health. Action on plastics was identified as a priority in the 2015 Circular Economy Action Plan, to help European businesses and consumers to use resources in a more sustainable way.”
The first-ever European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy adopted on January 16, 2018 will transform the way plastic products are designed, used, produced and recycled in the EU. Better design of plastic products, higher plastic waste recycling rates, more and better quality recyclates will help boosting the market for recycled plastics. It will deliver greater added value ºfor a more competitive, resilient plastics industry.


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