Final Report on WUSME’s participation in COP28: the conclusions of the SIDE EVENT

A final report on the WUSME’s participation in COP28 and, in particular, of the official Side Event held on December 3 on the theme “MSMEs facing the energy transition: innovative solutions in finance and technology for value chains“, has been issued, following the final review and approval by the Board of Directors, as background information for preliminary discussion on the activity which may concern year 2024, in view of COP29.

Conducted by WUSME in collaboration with the Association Française des Entreprises pour l’Environnement (EpE) and the Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE), the panel gathered Speakers from various regions and fields.

The final report combines the presentations and inputs expressed by the different Speakers, including information on best practices and innovative initiatives useful to support MSMEs in their climate transition, drawing the following final conclusions:
As regards all financial issues for SMEs, so that they can access new energy, a plurality of solutions is present and is being sought, adaptable depending on the country.
It is possible to put forward some points, which are very important for the coming years regarding SMEs’ access to new energies and especially access to financing for those new energies.
One point concerns the regulatory framework that must be established in each country: it is necessary so that investors can turn to the country for investments.
The second point concerns the combination between public and private investments. There is now a repertoire of best practices in this field and the ability to duplicate what is going well, especially so that the private sector can have confidence in developing operations with governments.
The role of development financial institutions is also very important, because they are able to take on some risks and are able to invest in operations, where the private sector is not able to intervene immediately. In this regard, there has also been a good evolution over the last 20 years. All these institutions are also working with international public institutions and with the programs developed at COP28.
We see that, COP after COP, new ideas are being put on the table. The funds, even if not immediately, will arrive gradually to allow SMEs to access new energy.
Wusme, with its media, will give voice, in all areas to which it has access, to the new initiatives that will lead to an expansion of the measures currently in force.
The various speakers indicated, with specific examples, that significant sums are being committed to facilitate access to new energies for businesses and in particular for SMEs.
On behalf of the WUSME President Barbara Terenzi and her Board of Directors, the Union of Small and Medium Enterprises expresses heartfelt thanks to all the guests and Partner Organizations, RCREEE and EPE and associated companies, for having carefully prepared this Side Event and for having brought together so many personalities to discuss this important topic, in the framework of COP 28.


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