WUSME at “Global Policy Dialogue: Post COVID-19 Resurgence of MSMEs and Competition Policy”

WUSME participated as Partner Organisation in the event “Dialogue on Global Policy: Post COVID-19 Resurgence of MSMEs and Competition Policy” organized by UNCTAD, in association with UNESCAP, CEPAL e ESCWA, from 1 to 3 December 2021.

The 3 DAY event focused on the following interlinked topics: Impact of competition policy in the digitalization of MSMEs in the wake of COVID-19; Access to finance, Government support in times of COVID-19; Interagency coordination between MSME agencies and competition authorities.

At the session scheduled on December 2st on “Access to finance, Government support in times of COVID-19”, WUSME Ambassador in Chile Alessandro Bozzo spoke on behalf of the Organization. During his intervention, he highlighted the challenges Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises are facing in the Latin America and specifically in Chile and recorded the significant increase in SMEs guarantee funds and schemes to facilitate access to credit.

On occasion of his participation in the UNCTAD “GLOBAL PUBLIC DIALOGUE” on December 1st to address digitalization of MSMEs, Mr. Vinod Kumar, President of India SME Forum and Board Member of WUSME, recalled how WUSME, as World SMEs Organization, has been looking at digitalization as very important factor for MSME recovery and rebuilding.

Photo No.1: City Security Magazine.
Photo No. 2 on the right: some moments of the event.


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