WUSME at Women Entrepreneurship Congress 2020: “Future trends of women entrepreneurship”

December 23th, 2020 – On the occasion of the Women Entrepreneurship Congress 2020 held in virtual mode from November 19nd to 21rd 2020 due to the Covid-19 health emergency, Ms. Katarina Jagic, WUSME Co-Founder and WUSME Ambassadress in Croatia, spoke on behalf of the Association during the event on the theme “Future trends of women entrepreneurship”.

In her speech, Ms. Katarina Jagic focused on the female entrepreneurship in Croatia, the existing opportunities, the role of technology even more relevant today for the Coronavirus pandemic.
“The role of women is and will be greater in business and world economy. That means that the focus should be on the role of technology innovation and women entrepreneurship in the future economy. Both can create new opportunities to strengthen women’s economic empowerment” said Ms. Jagic.

According to WUSME Ambassadress, encouraging women to get into business and strengthening women’s enterprise contributes to a stronger economy. “UN Women is highlighting women’s successful contributions to sustainable peace, human security and justice”, she said at the end of her speech.

WUSME is committed to promoting and identifying forms of support to the growth and development of women entrepreneurship. These goals have also addressed during the last meeting of the WUSME Permanent Commission on Social Issues and Women Entrepreneurship. On that occasion, discussion related on the impact of Covid-19 on women entrepreneurs, badly affected as a consequence of the health emergency, and on possible measures in support and recovery of business activities in this period of uncertainty for the future.


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