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  • 2028

Member of the Board of Directors

Graduated in Accounting and Administrative Sciences, he attended training courses on Sustainable Energy Indicators for Green Economic Development in 2012 in (Caracas – Venezuela and Paris – France. As National Representative at the UN, OECD, CAF and SELA, and the School of Business Administration within the Business Development Program for SMEs and the program Training for Leaders (Public Policy Modules, Negotiation, Scenario Building, Strategic Planning, Systematic Competitiveness, Teamwork).
He’s a Professional with extensive experience in activities related to international trade and finance.
He is Director of the INTEGRAL SUPPORT CENTER FOR MICRO, SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Paraguay, where he mainly deals with:
-Propose actions to meet the demand of Micro, Small and Medium Industries, to facilitate management tools aimed at improving their sustainability and favoring the creation of favorable conditions for training, strengthening of MSMEs and their business structures.
-Organize courses, talks, workshops, seminars or other activities, coordinating each event with managers, specialists, technicians, consultants and those in charge of logistical support.
-Articulate with other public institutions, universities, trade unions or any other private entity, a network of information relating to the various aspects concerning micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.
-Promote associativity through the creation of new business organizations, as well as the formalization of existing small business units.
He is National Representative at the Latin American and Caribbean Economic System (SELA).