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Gazmend PULA

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Ambassador Gazmend Pula has entered the diplomatic service of Kosovo as the first ambassador of Kosovo to Albania which he has completed with distinguished achievements. He comes from the academic world with an abundant pedagogical and scientific background after having completed his master and doctoral studies as a two-time Fulbright Scholar at the George Washington University, Washington DC, USA. Prior to that, he has been on a successful academic career at the University of Prishtina in Kosovo as a professor of Electrical Engineering and Electric Power System Industry. He has been the author of two university textbooks and scientific papers and other publications as studies in the field as well as author of a number of papers and contributions in the area of international affairs, primarily relating to the issue of Kosovo.
Has proven successful experience in developing effective working relationships with donors, beneficiaries, across all levels of government including with different ministries, municipalities and other stake holders in Kosovo by establishing good working relations and facilitating the achievement of project objectives. Proven experience in providing professional consultancy and efficient networking for various business parties of various local expertise, especially in the electric power systems, energy industry and various economic and business opportunities of a wide specter of fields.
Speaks fluent English and German, as well as Serbo-Croat languages and possesses excellent communicative, organizational and management skills and experiences in a wide variety of spheres from electrical engineering and electric power industry, civil society, international affairs, economic and business consultancy