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Godel SEFU

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Former United Nations Ambassador for Grassroots Consultations, Southern and Eastern African Regions at the World Humanitarian Summit in 2014, Godel Sefu is passionate about disability issues and refugee rights.

He founded the Disabled Refugees Projects upon arriving in South Africa from the DRC, which evolved into Redeeming Hope for the Disabled (Non-Profit Organization), which provides sanctuary and care for disabled refugees as well as providing skills training and advocating for disabled South African and refugee rights.

Godel is multi-lingual, being fluent in English, French and Kishwahili and worked as a student journalist whilst completing his degrees in Philosophy and Theology as well as later managing a language translation department, all in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Since arriving in South Africa in 2007, he has completed numerous trainings at various credible institutions including the University of Pretoria, and has increased and improved his skills set through certification in Disability Rights, Competence in Leadership, Good Governance and Civil Society as well as Addiction Recovery Coaching, Gender Reconciliation, AVP, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence prevention and response as well as IT, Communication, Databases and Project Planning.

Godel volunteers for ManKind Project South Africa (part of the global ManKind Project) and holds the position of African Liaison in the National Council. He is also the recipient of the prestigious Ron Hering Award for Mission of Service in the World, 2012.