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  • 1960


Mira Hoxha has entered the diplomatic ranks from the academic world with an abundant pedagogical and scientific background after having completed her master studies at the New York University in New York City, USA. She started as a research fellow in the Institute for Pedagogical Studies, became member of a series of educational and scientific initiatives and co-author of a number of books in the field of didactic history.

Her diplomatic career of Ambassador started in the General Directorate for Euro-Atlantic Integrations of the Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, continued further in the Ministry’s Department for the Council of Europe, the OSCE and that of the United Nations. Her diplomatic career went on as the Director of Regional Initiatives.

In 2011 she was decreed Ambassador of the Republic of Albania in Hungary. During her five-year mandate/mission in Hungary as Ambassador, she accomplished a distinguished career including in attendance of considerable number of economic fora for promoting business cooperation.

In addition her diplomatic career, she has continued also with being Albanian Election Observation Focal Point for OSCE/ ODIHR, as well as Head National Coordinator of several important regional initiatives such as those of Central European Initiative, Adriatic-Ionian Initiative, etc.

She speaks fluent English and possesses excellent communicative, organizational and management skills and experiences in a wide variety of spheres from civil society to economic and investment activities