This category page collects some of the news published by various newspapers in relation to the activities of the Wusme.


Some news published by various italian (sammarinese) newspapers: La Tribuna (ita) Press Reviews of Wusme 2010 (ita)

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Latest News

International SME Convention, the second edition in June
Xero Spearheads Funding Movement For South African SMEs
Who is winning the battle for tech talent in Southeast Asia?
WUSME at the UNGA Interactive Multi-Stakeholder Hearing in New York
WUSME and BELT & ROAD SERVICE CONNECTIONS signed a Memorandum of Understanding


  • Following the first held in April 2018, the 2° edition of the International SME Convention will be held in New Del…
     May 16 2019
  • WUSME and BELT & ROAD SERVICE CONNECTIONS will focus, in particular, on opportunities and resources both at home an…
     May 13 2019
  • Photo: Ms. Annie Borello, WUSME Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York
     May 09 2019