Who is winning the battle for tech talent in Southeast Asia?

May 7th, 2019 – Talent, or the lack of it, is something that business leaders talk about all the time — more so in the technology space than anything else.

According to the SMB Digital Maturity Index 2019, the lack of digital skills and talent in an organization was the biggest of the top five challenges small and mid-sized businesses faced on their journey to digital.

An interesting thing to note is that the SMEs are losing the most when it comes to finding talent to fuel their digital projects as compared to large enterprises.

SMEs in the region are being impacted by this, the study found. The challenge is particularly daunting for such companies because not only are they unable to find local talent to fill tech roles, but they’re also unable to meet capital requirements set by regulators to hire from abroad and provide the necessary visas.

Respondents to the survey revealed that China was the most affected by this — with 24 percent of small and mid-sized organizations in the country rating it as the biggest hurdle to their digital transformation.

In comparison, 19 percent of SMEs in Hong Kong, 17 percent of those in Australia, and 12 percent of those in Indonesia felt this way about talent — although it still ranked as the top challenge for them on their digital maturity journey.

From the findings, it seems as though talent is quite a significant roadblock when it comes to going digital.


Written by Techwire Asia

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