Meeting of the Board Special Committee

REPUBLIC OF SAN MARINO – On Friday, April 10th, 2020, the WUSME Board Special Committee held a meeting in the Headquarters of San Marino.

President Gian Franco Terenzi and Board Members Giorgio Battistini, Biagio Riccio, Loretta Menicucci and Leo Gatti (present by proxy), met to discuss and express their opinion on subject matters relating to the most activities of the Organization.

WUSME President opened the meeting focusing on this particular time of global health emergency of COVID-19 and its impacts at social and economic level, on SMEs particularly.
He informed the Organization has been interacting with its network of representatives worldwide to share insights, proposals and suggestions on how to overcome this troubled time and reduce impacts of the economic slowdown.

The agenda covered a wide range of issues, among which the proposal to establish a WUSME Scientific Committee, the establish of WUSME France, the recognition of special representative functions and the appointment of new Ambassadors.

The proposals and deliberations, discussed and provisionally agreed on, have been submitted to the entire Board of Directors and formally approved for related implementation.


Photo: ZOOM video call with Mr. Biagio Riccio and Mrs. Loretta Menicucci.


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