Press Release

REPUBLIC OF SAN MARINO – With deep sorrow WUSME announces the sudden and unexpected demise of President Dr. Gian Franco Terenzi, on May 20, 2020.

Elected four times as Head of State (Captain Regent) of the Republic of San Marino and longtime member of Parliament, he was a faithful interpreter of the institutions and fond ambassador of San Marino in the world.

Eclectic entrepreneur and historical leader of the National Union of San Marino Craftsmen, he set new standards in politics for small business and crafts.

As a politician and WUSME President, Gian Franco Terenzi always made his decisions based on the principles of the highest moral and social responsibility, and he did not leave alone anyone who needed his advice and help.

Under his leadership, WUSME has developed into one of the world’s leading international organizations since its founding in 2010, which at the national and international level defends the rights, interests, and competitiveness of SMEs, which has been fully appreciated by the United Nations, Governments, Chambers of commerce and many other institutions.

In memory of President Terenzi and in his spirit, WUSME will continue to work with full strength, with its office bearers and representatives, in support of small and medium-sized enterprises in these economically difficult times.


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