WUSME consultations with UNIDO continued

VIENNA – In his visit to UNIDO Headquarters at the United Nations Office in Vienna on 2nd and 3rd August 2017, WUSME General Secretary Norbert W. Knoll-Dornhoff discussed with leading UNIDO Officers possibilities of future cooperation, and conveyed to them the new WUSME MAGAZINE.

The UNIDO Officers sincerely appreciated that a report on the 2nd UNIDO FORUM has been published therein.
UNIDO aims to boost the development of a competitive private sector and contribute to poverty reduction by building sustainable linkages between small-size enterprises, their larger scale business partners and support institutions.

UNIDO expressed active interest in working with WUSME on the following issues:
– Promote business to business linkages as well as between firms and institutions;
– Foster the implementation of socially environmentally responsible business practices;
– Develop public private partnerships;
– Formulate and disseminate tools and methodologies to implement projects.

Mr. Mikhail Evstafyev (photo), Head of UNIDO’s Advocacy and Communications Unit recommended that WUSME President Dr. Gian Franco Terenzi shall meet the General Director of UNIDO, H.E. Dr. Li Yong to discuss with him possible Consultative status of WUSME at UNIDO.


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