I4MS Issues a Training Tool on Digital Skills for the EU Manufacturing Sector

September 16th, 2019 – The I4MS online training catalogue is issued for delivering support to European SMEs on their digitalization process by providing the most in-demand skills in the manufacturing sector to aid them to remain competitive internationally through the development of staff in the field.

The limited access to digital skills is one of the top three constraining factors for enabling digitalization in manufacturing. This project aims to tackle this challenge by presenting a broad range of training focused on upgrading the skills of workers in the industry. The main objective is to create a resource where interested parties can find information about in-demand digital skills and training materials.

This upskilling consists of guiding SMEs in becoming aware of where and how digital technologies can improve product quality, process efficiency, and business profitability; mastering the deployment and operationalization of digital tools. Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) are taking over this role, as they incorporate technological and business competences and have the manpower and capacities required for doing so. These courses can be applied in a series of vertical industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, Agriculture, Chemical, Computer – Software, Construction, Defense, Education, Research and Development or Energy.

Each training published provides a summary of the technology in question, the training techniques applied, the channels, the technology absorption cycle phase it targets, target audience, the required instruction level, and an overview of the contents. Having this catalogue will help the European field to determine where and how to plan their skills and competence upgrades.


Written CISION PR Newswire

Photo: Euroinnovazione.eu

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